Alex Media

How it works

The packages below are examples of the combinations of services my clients use. But these are just examples – I can create a bespoke package for you or your business if you are working on a strict budget or if you would like achieve something more specific. 

When I am managing social media accounts, some clients provide an email to me each week, which lists the things that should be focused on the following week, which could include offers, particular services, images or testimonials. It’s then my job to craft these into posts and images. I also source external content on your behalf, and use your own website, quotes and pictures. 

When blog writing, I send clients a number of titles once a month. They send me a few bullet points under each one, in note form, and I create blog posts that can be used wherever you wish.

We only agree terms and conditions, so you can cancel at any time, without being locked into a contract.

Simple Package

This is the most basic package, which ensures that your pages are updated daily. This will positively impact on your appearance in search engine results (SEO), and can be used to showcase your work, increase your online presence, sell your goods or attract new business.

  • One post per day on Facebook and one on twitter.
  • Management of one advertising campaign on Facebook or Google Adwords per month with a budget assigned by you.

Silver Package

Focus on increasing Facebook and Twitter community and increasing engagement.

This package allows for a greater mix of posts, with two a day, and full integration with your website, blog or business calendar.

  • Two posts per day on both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Content calendar plan suggestions submitted once a month for the month ahead.
  • Monthly competition on Facebook and twitter.
  • Management of one advertising campaign on Facebook or Google Adwords per month, with a budget assigned by you.

Gold Package

Focus on increasing Facebook and Twitter community, increasing engagement and pushing users through to the website.

This package offers full planning and analytics, as well as a large number of daily posts. It works best with a blog package and a larger advertising budget.

  • Up to 5 posts per day for both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Weekly, monthly and annual content calendar, including full integration with the website planning, planning to be discussed at the monthly meeting.
  • Up to two monthly Facebook and Twitter competitions.
  • Full Google Adwords, Facebook adverts and boosts weekly management with a budget assigned by you.
  • Monthly catch up meeting to discuss progress and to plan ongoing content and targets.


These can be added or substituted into any package or commissioned on a stand alone basis
  • LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+
  • Google Adwords, Twitter and Facebook advertising
  • Blog writing
  • Seminars, tutorials and training days
  • Full reporting, social media assessment and analytics