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A sample of my current clients & their testimonials

Baby Sound Asleep

Baby Sound Asleep offers baby sleep consultancy and night and maternity nursing.I have been working with with BSA since 2015, taking her followers from 800 to nearly 10k, helping her work toward her goals of gaining new clients and widespread recognition.This year she has appeared in a number of national publications and on BBC Breakfast, giving advice on sleep training, baby sleep routines and baby sleep troubleshooting.

Fantastic service which has revolutionised my business. Social media totally overwhelmed me and Alex is an expert in her field. She knows exact times and approaches to hit your target market. Within weeks I was getting around 150 new Facebook likes per week and around 1000 hits on my posts of people genuinely interested in my service. Blogs are essential to build trust in my business but my time is VERY limited. I now spend 5-10 minutes per week writing key points to Alex which she turns into a masterpiece! Thank you so much Alex Media, my business is turning around hugely and it's thanks to you. You go over and above in every way!

Abi Thompson
Managing Director, Baby Sound Asleep

Kick Hair

Kick Hair is an independent hair salon in South West London. They wanted to gain local followers, engage current customers and ultimately gain more business through the Facebook page and adverts.

Alex understands my market and has helped transform my business for the better. Engaging an audience with a range of intelligent, funny and visual posts. I couldn't be happier

Domenic Hand
Managing Director, Kick Hair

Wonder Cafe

The Wonder Cafe is a traditional greasy spoon in West London, with a strong local client base and over 40 years of trading. To reach a new audience, I setup Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, alongside Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. Since we started, the cafe has appeared on This Morning, in national newspapers and in Time Out London more than once.

Alex has transformed by business. I have no idea about social media, and don't have Facebook myself, and I was getting endless calls and emails from people who were offering all sorts of deals that would get me to the top of google etc. Alex took all the worry and hassle away, and since she started over 8 years ago, the clientele and business has continually improved and we have often been reported about nationally. I am absolutely delighted and don't know what I would do without her.

Chrissie Alexander
Owner, Wonder Cafe

Urban Beauty Richmond

Urban Beauty Richmond is a salon in South West London, with a local client base and an excellent reputation. Melissa, the owner, wanted engaging and amusing content that would showcase their services, without having to worry about the pages herself.

I have found the campaigns run by Alex to be incredibly successful. They are funny, eye catching and refreshingly different. Thank you Alex!

Melissa Mulshaw
Owner, Urban Beauty Richmond

Ex-Animo Foundation

Established in 2005, Ex-Animo Foundation promotes the advancement of education among young people in the creative arts, film and music, and provides access to these areas by enabling young creative people to work with mentors and established trusts. They work closely with the Round House London, many film festivals and some exceptional young talent and award wining filmmakers. I have been working with them since their website launched in early 2016, and I created and now manage their twitter profile.

Brilliant, quirky, and on the pulse management of my Twitter account. I couldn't upkeep the account without the brainwork and research carried out by Alex Media. Professional service around the clock

Marlena Hellebo
Director, Exanimo Foundation

Lean Fitness

Lean Fitness is a gym and studio network founded on the mission to get members results in a non-commercial gym environment, surrounded with a vibrant and friendly fitness community. They have a number of sites in the North of England and I have managed their accounts for the last few years. They are very well recognised in the region and rapidly growing.

I have been working with the team for a couple of years and post both about their services, relevant and interesting health and fitness news and run an advertising campaign to help support their programme membership.

Baby Ultrasound Clinic

Baby Ultrasound Clinic launched in 2015, with one branch in Bolton, offering private 3D/4D  ultrasound scans, and I have been working with the team since their soft opening. They now have another branch in Huddersfield and are going from strength to strength.

Alex has been amazing for my business! Not only by managing my social media, but also advising on other aspects of advertising. My business has grown at a rapid rate and I know a large part of this is due to the help I have received from Alex. This help has been priceless.

Alesha Ali
Managing Director, Baby Ultrasound Clinic

Hub for the Heart

Hub for the Heart launched in 2015, created by Karuna who is based in Hawaii. She has taught workshops in Canada, Europe, Trinidad, Hawaii and the mainland U.S. and is particularly inspired through the teachings of Ram Dass and Sri Vasudeva. I was brought on board to support the launch of the new website and a new series of events and programmes across Europe.

Alex is 100% the real deal. I fully trust Alex, her expertise and her insights. She is dedicated to her client’s success; her campaigns are clever and effective and her follow-up is always thoughtful and well executed.   Alex is a social media phenom!  

Managing DIrector, Hub for the Heart